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Sandbox Publisher CMS

Sandbox Publisher is kind of a mini-CMS. It is designed very simply but it can be extended easily by plugins. It comes with a plugin manager and an event dispatcher. The output is customizable by templates written directly in PHP. Right now it is usable out of the box with local (real) files located on the web server. Sandbox Publisher is approximately 400 lines of code within three PHP files 'big'.

Link: Sandbox Publisher @ Google Code (Documentation + Subversion

Instant Picture Creator

Instant Picture Creator is an image wrapper to produce images on demand for websites. It comes with some basic filters for Resizing and Changing colour palettes.

  • currently it supports gif, png and jpeg
  • it has a variable filter management, you can add your own filters
  • it caches filtered images
  • it works independent, you don't need a special website backend
  • it is easy to deploy/integrate in running websites
  • it is easy to use like ”http://yourserver.com/picture.png?filter=thumbnail”
  • it is released under LGPL
  • it is OS independent because it is written in PHP

Links: Instant Picture Creator @ Google Code (Download + Subversion), Handbook and Help

Other Stuff

Templates & Themes

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